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video editing

(This is just a selection of what i've made)

video editing

(This is just a selection

of what i've made)

graphic design



Greetings!  I'm Magnus Arvad Kirk Kristensen / MAKK

A Freelance Video Editor with an AP Graduate in Multimedia Design and Bachelor of Digital Concept Development, based in Odense. With over eight years of industry experience, I specialize in everything from SoMe content to food documentaries and corporate videos.

ATM working for the production company HIPPO PRODUCTIONS



Design Danmark 2015 - 2017  Co-owner

Grow Productions 2018 - 2021  Video editor, photography & runner

Emptyhead Production 2019 - 2023  Video editor

Lakserytteren 2019  Video editor

Peter Bendtsen 2019 - 2020  Video editor

For Grim Til Tv 2019 - 2022  Video editor & design

Det Ka' Noget 2019 - 2021  Video editor, design & producer

Gonzo 2020 - 2021  Video editor

Cardenau 2021 - 2022  Video editor & design

Jacob Jørgsholm 2021  Video editor

Jaxstyle 2021  Video editor

Wilfa 2022  Video editor

Niras 2022  Video editor

LeSifre Design 2022  Video editor & design

Create Media 2022  Video editor

Digital Copenhagen 2022  Video editor

Ansø of Denmark 2022  Video editor & design

Hippo Productions 2022 - 2024  Video editor & intern


OnePlus, Niras, Wilfa, LeSifre Design, Hippo Productions, Digital Copenhagen, Create Media, Det KGL Teater, Grow Productions, Gonzo, Emptyhead Production, Lakserytteren, For Grim Til Tv, Peter Bendtsen, Jaxstyle, Cardenau, Ansø of Denmark, Jacob Jørgsholm, Gutterne, Café Chino, TRYG, PAUL PETERSENS IDRÆTSINSTITUT, conrad molden, kold college, MIKKEL KLINT THORIUS, Swords and wilderness, nikolaj stokholm, NORDIC ERGRO, MAZAK, SDU, nature ENERGY, R8DIO, OURE, COPENHAGEN MERCHANTS, FOUNDER MENTOR, THOMAS WARBERG, linda p SYNSCENTER REFÆNES, tajmer, VICTOR LANDER, BOSEI HØJSKOLE, HEATBEADS